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When planning an eco-friendly wedding, choosing silk flowers means you cut out the energy and water consumed during the production and transportation of freshly cut blooms. Silk flowers don’t have a shelf life, they can be shipped, which produces fewer emissions than aeroplanes. An important factor in living sustainably is reusability, and silk flowers are a clear winner in this department. Hiring reusable flowers instead of throwing away hundreds of fresh flowers after your wedding will leave you with a positive sense of well-being as well as lowering your carbon footprint.


Silk flowers provide you with the opportunity of having what you want when you want it, and you will never pay a premium for your favourite bloom if it’s out of season. With enough lead time, we can deliver a dream bouquet or garland that can be sent anywhere in the world, it’s perfect for destination weddings - you can even pop them in your suitcase and take them with you!



A silk flower bouquet can be kept as a reminder of the day, it’s a beautiful keepsake that becomes a symbol of love and heritage. Forever perfect and forever lasting.

Please get in contact f you would like to find out more about our beautiful silk flower bouquets.


At H&H we can tailor each design to reflect your wedding theme, venue, wedding songs, colour scheme or wedding cake. We can help you find a bridal style and create a look that matches your wedding style. At H&H we often combine silk flowers with either fresh or dried blooms or foliage which mingle in and become undetectable.



If you love fresh flowers but are allergic to scents or pollens, you can still have real looking wedding flowers without a possible allergic reaction.


Silk Flowers are looking more and more real all the time. From roses to hydrangeas, there are countless choices for realistic faux flowers now available. Our silk flowers are handcrafted using the best materials in the market, making them long-lasting and reusable.

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