It's an honour to be chosen to produce a loved one's special farewell tribute and I always feel a sense of calm when I am making them.  I would be happy to go through any ideas or provide you with some if you're unsure what you'd like.  I try and source my flowers firstly from local Surrey Flower Growers and also collect foliage's from the beautiful Surrey Hills that surround me in Dorking.  I will happily go above and beyond to source a particular flower variety that was a favourite of your loved one.  

Please get in touch and I will take the greatest care in making sure this process is as easy as possible for you.


Fresh F|lowers Tributes

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Bespoke Silk Flower
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Unique Seashell Funeral Tribute



Introducing my exclusive range of floral tributes made from luxury silk flowers and foliage.  These beautiful arrangements are dignified and affordable, whilst also being an eco-friendly alternative to traditional fresh flowers.

I can liaise with the Funeral Director and make sure your tribute is delivered on time and to your specified location. For more information about our service or about customising a floral tribute, please do get in touch. 




A precious keepsake and a reminder that something beautiful can come from death if you look through hopeful eyes.


The wreath has a significant meaning, it's circular shape represents eternity, for it has no beginning and no end. From a Christian religious perspective, it represents an unending circle of life which I really love.  


A bespoke silk flower wreath can be personalised with your loved one's favourite flowers or themed to reflect a favourite place or hobby.  Even if you're unsure of what you'd like I'd be so happy to help you make that decision.   Silk flowers last for year's so after the funeral the wreath can be hung on the door during your time of mourning or hung within the home as a beautiful reminder of your loved one.  You may decide to gift the wreath to a carer or a relative, whatever you decide it means the design gets to live on and be enjoyed.


Prices start from £125


Gallery of bespoke designs

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Helen Noble a Celebrant in Surrey made these comments under a shell design that I'd posted on Instagram and I loved the sentiment behind it so much that I decided to add to my funeral tributes page.  


"I come across time and time again, bereft families feeling sad at getting cut flowers for their loved ones funeral as they know they'll have to watch something die all over again.   So I've pointed them to shells.  No one sees the shell as a sign of death, that something used to live there but more of a thing of beauty in its own right.  I think a wreath made from shells would make a stunning tribute for a coffin.  For a keepsake, or to hang on the door during a period of mourning - to reasure the family that something beautiful will come from death if you look through hopeful eyes"

Prices start from £195.  To personalise these tributes any personal keepsakes, precious stones, shells, jewellery, chrystals or minature framed photographs can be added to these designs.


Delivery T&C's

Free delivery and collection to all Funeral Directors in Dorking.
 A delivery charge may apply if the delivery location is outside a 5-mile radius of Dorki



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